Winters are good, and you can easily save money on utilities. Whereas in summers, you need to spend money on air conditioners and air coolers. You can stay warm in an apartment. There are several ways to stay warm in an apartment without a heater. Here are some tips that will help you in making your apartment warm in winters without a heater.

You can warm your apartment in Lewisville tx by blocking the wind. Winter drafts have an ability to lower the temperature up to more than 100%. Make sure that your windows and doors are sealed so that air could not enter into an apartment. This also applies to vehicle dwellers. If there any crack in the window or the door then repair that to block the air.

Curtains also play an important role in winters, and they are not just for decoration. You should hang curtains on the windows to block any drafts. Two types of curtains are best for this. One is with a liner that allows sunlight to enter your apartment, and other is with a blackout solar that blocks out the sound and elements.

If you are going somewhere in a vehicle, then you can also cover the vehicle’s windows with the curtain, and makeshift curtains will be best for this. You can even use floor mats, towels or any cloth to cover it.

If you are not at home, then you should find a place that is surrounded by permanent walls instead of temporary walls.

You should check the insulation in your apartment. Nowadays, insulated windows and walls are pretty much in. But if you are living in an old apartment then you need to add some insulation to it.

It is important to insulate the ceiling so that when heat is raised in the apartment it remains there.  You can also fill spaces and insulate an attic in your apartment because it will prevent the heat from escaping and your apartment will become warm.

Vehicles can also be insulated by adding up layers of cloth or towel to the ceiling. This will keep your vehicle warm.

If you are outdoor, then you can pad your walls with any thick paper, leaves, cloth, dirt, etc. this will keep your body warm for a longer period.

During the daytime, you need sun, and you should allow the sunlight to hit your apartment because this will make it warm and it provides a huge amount of natural warmth to your apartment’s walls. On the other hand, at the night, you should learn or cover up your apartment’s walls with things that give makes your apartment warm. This will also act as a barrier between the cold and you.

You can also keep lots of candles in your apartment. They will not only provide light but heat also and will make your apartment warm. You can also warm your hand by keeping it up on the stove. This will make you warm.